Frequently Asked Questions

Is any physical preperation required to partake in skydiving?

No, none whatsoever.

At what altitude should you open your parachute?

At 1500 meters.

What speeds are attained during freefall?

Approximately 200 km/h.

How manouverable is the parachute?

Sufficient to move within a radius of three kilometers.

What is the process of landing similar to?

As if you were jumping from a height of 0.5 meters.

Can you breathe in free fall?

Yes, in freefall there is no affect on your breathing.

How many parachutes does one jump with?

Always with two. A main parachute and a reserve parachute.

Are they are identical?

Yes as far as measurement and smoothness of landing is concerned but are different in design, opening and flight performance.

And... what if the main parachute does not open?!

The main parachute is cut away from you and then the reserve parachute is deployed. There is more than enough time for this to take place.

And... if the reserver parachute does not open?

Unlike the main parachute, the reserve one is designed and packed in a unique way so that it always opens

Who packs the main parachute?

You can pack your own after having attended the packing course.

And the emergency one?

A person exclusively trained to do so.

And if I was to fall unconscious during free fall?

All parachutes are provided with an automatic opening system which automatically deploys the reserve parachute should the main parachute fail to deploy.


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